Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HOTWALL at The Hole

Coming soon to The Hole - the HOTWALL - an animated video wall featuring pictures of the hottest members of The Hole club.

Every week we will choose 10 of the sexiest pictures to appear on the wall.  If you'd like to see yourself on the HOTWALL, simply send your picture to Stan Storno or Jed Sparta.

The picture needs to be landscape (about 500 px high x 700 px wide), full permissions, and include your name.

We will choose 10 pictures per week, so get sending!



Our gift for all COX Leather customers and friends. Merry Xmas and Happy 2012

Monday, September 26, 2011

Leather pants black/blue and black/brown

Pants: new leather texture,sculpted bulge with zipper, and rivets. For rivets is better use function ,,add,, after strech it for your avatar size, or ,,Edit linked parts,, and correct every rivet separately, tht your pants be look better.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Men Darkroom : The Hole at Cox City

Men Darkroom : The Hole at Cox City

The Hole is COX City’s very own sex club, two floors of unadulterated sleazy fun in an old derelict warehouse. The dingy warehouse is packed with quality sex areas from SL’s best sex animators, including N4RS, Hubs and TT Designs.
On the ground floor the main room features six different sex beds, with 100s of animations for twosomes or threesomes. For fisting fans, the back room features a fully animated fisting and fucking sling.
On the other side of the ground floor is an old public bathroom if you need to take a piss, or maybe cruise the cubicle glory holes.
Through the bathroom is the cellblock area, with bunk beds, a bath and two fully functional prison cells – perfect for a bit of prisoner role play.
Go up a level and work up a sweat in the open air gym – fully equipped for the horniest workout. Explore the S&M area inside, plus three more functional prison cells. There’s even a porn studio for you to make your own dick flick.
Still want more? Find your way up to the roof for some rooftop fucking, overlooking COX City.